When is the best time to do yoga

One of the main rules of yoga is nonviolence or Ahimsa. And that means that the best time to practice yoga is the one which is perfect for you, for your body and for your character. Here are a few tips that can help you decide on the choice and tell you about some of the features of the body, depending on the rhythms of nature. When is the best time to do yoga?

The best time to do yoga

It is said that the best time to do yoga is early morning or late evening. If you’re one of those people for whom getting up at 6 a.m. is an exquisite torture, it goes without saying that morning is not the right time for you. The time after sunset is much more suitable for owls, because they feel the burst of vitality and energy activity closer to the evening, or even late at night. If you belong to the lark type, your activity rises in the morning, of course. So choose the first half of the day for your classes, because in the evening your energy wanes, and your meditation is more likely to end in a deep and serene sleep.

According to Chinese medicine different meridians are activated at different times of the day. When the activity of the meridian is at its peak, the therapeutic influence on it will be the most effective. That is why if you are limited to one particular time for your exercises, you are only working on one range, while the rest of the meridians are not being worked on. 

  • From 5 am till 7 am the colon meridian is active, and from 7 till 9 am – stomach meridian. Asanas for stomach stomach and stomach area, asanas for stimulation of intestinal motility are especially effective at this time. 
  • From 9 till 11 a.m. the spleen is active, from 11 till 13 o’clock the heart meridian is active, from 13 till 15 o’clock – the small intestine. Power asanas and bends will have the best effect on the body at this time. Cardio and physical activity is at its peak. It is undesirable to practice in this time range only for those who are prone to tachycardia, increased excitability and nervousness, because the solar energy is at its peak and you already have it in excess.
  • From 15 to 17 hours your bladder is activated, and from 17 to 19 hours – the kidneys. It’s good for people who are prone to fear, aggression, delicate thoughts. Inverted asanas, grounding asanas and vital energy stabilizing asanas will bring good results.
  • From 7 p.m. till 9 p.m. the pericardium meridian, which provides heat to the body, is active. During this period it is possible to practice intensive exercise and warming practices. The only condition would be to leave two to three hours before sleep.
  • From 23 and till 1 am the gallbladder is active, from 1 till 3 am the liver is active. The heart meridian is the most inactive at this time, so exclude cardio-load and intensive power practices. Light, calming exercises for the nervous system, and asanas for the gallbladder and liver area are suitable.

This is just one of the options for timing your workouts and practices. Be conscious, trust yourself and your body, because yoga is much more than just physical exercise! Pave your own Path! 

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