How to get better at swimming

Swimming teaches us many things. Here are a few ways to make your pool workout more effective without having to buy expensive supplements or new shorts. The best time to do this is in between workouts, when you have to interact with the “real world”, whatever it may be in your case. How to get better at swimming?

Break the boundaries of your comfort zone!

Our personal comfort zone is a very funny thing (an outlandish thing, but also not at all funny). We work hard to reach a certain level. As soon as we reach our goal, we immediately spread out a lounge chair, get comfortable, and sit for long periods at a conquered height, instead of continuing to push ourselves to the very top. The easiest way to keep pushing yourself forward a little bit is to measure your own progress. Always do something better than you did before. Do it longer today than you did yesterday. Pay much more attention to technique today than you did yesterday. That said, the concepts of progress and growth, don’t mean you have to improve every time you dive in. They involve making constant adjustments to what you do on a daily basis that will allow your swimming to continually evolve and go forward!

Great success always comes in small steps (step by step)!

I probably don’t need to tell you that the swimming season is a rigorous challenge for every performing athlete. And once you reach a more or less high level, the seasons start going solid, giving you only a couple of weeks of breathing room at the end of the summer. Staying highly motivated and hungry for wins throughout a year-long training cycle is no easy task. As the season progresses, peaks, pits, ravines, precipices, bubbling keys and peaks and all sorts of other natural metaphors that describe morale happen to you. In order to move forward with tenacious consistency, sometimes you have to forget about the perfect swim or perfectly aligned workout. Instead, absolutely every day should be seen as another opportunity to grow. 

Always leave the locker room with a goal in mind!

Every series and every workout has a goal. What is it? When you deeply understand the meaning and purpose of each repetition, each series, and each workout, you just can’t help but give it your all. Decide which of your habits you need to work on, without relying on the eagle eye and lion’s wail of your coach constantly standing over you at the board. Maybe you’ll choose a perfectly streamlined body position for every new push off the board. Or decide to only breathe 9/9. Or drop a few seconds of recovery on each mode.

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