Learning to swim as an adultLearning to swim as an adult

The belief that you can only learn to swim as a child is a big myth. We love swimming because it is a sport with no contraindications: you can swim regardless of age, weight or health conditions. We often hear that swimming is the healthiest and safest sport. If you went to the doctor with […]

How to get better at swimmingHow to get better at swimming

Swimming teaches us many things. Here are a few ways to make your pool workout more effective without having to buy expensive supplements or new shorts. The best time to do this is in between workouts, when you have to interact with the “real world”, whatever it may be in your case. How to get […]

Is pilates strength trainingIs pilates strength training

Pilates was introduced in the 1920s as a specific discipline in the rehabilitation of dancers and athletes after injury. It was founded by Joseph Pilates, who introduced to the world a program of effective exercises to help you recover quickly and painlessly. Is pilates strength training? Today Pilates is more recognized as a method for […]

Training methods to improve flexibilityTraining methods to improve flexibility

Flexibility is a morphofunctional property of the musculoskeletal system, which determines the limits of movement of body parts. In this article we will talk about training methods to improve flexibility. Two forms of flexibility Active, characterized by the magnitude of the amplitude of movements in the independent performance of exercises due to muscular effort; Passive, […]